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Detention Centers



  • Etowah County Detention Center
  • Central Arizona Correctional Center
  • Eloy Detention Center
  • Florence Correctional Center
  • Florence SPC
  • Adelanto ICE Processing Center
  • Contra Costa West County Detention Facility
  • Santa Ana City Jail
  • Yuba County Jail
  • Denver Contract Detention Facility
  • Baker County Facility
  • Broward Transitional Center
  • Glades County Detention Center
  • Krome Service Processing Center
  • Wakulla County Facility
  • Atlanta City Detention Center
  • Irwin County Detention Center
  • Stewart Detention Center
  • Jefferson County Justice Center
  • McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility
  • Pulaski County Detention Center
  • Clay County Jail
  • Hardin County Correctional Center
  • Boone County Jail
  • LaSalle ICE Processing Center
  • Worcester County Detention Center
  • Bristol County House of Corrections
  • Plymouth County Correctional Facility
  • Suffolk County House of Corrections
  • Calhoun County Correctional Center
  • Monroe County Jail
  • Freeborn County Jail Services
  • Ramsey County Adult Detention Center
  • Sherburne County Jail Services
  • Montgomery County Jail
  • Douglas County Department of Corrections
  • Hall County Department of Corrections
  • Bergen County Jail
  • Delaney Hall Detention Facility
  • Elizabeth Contract Detention Facility
  • Essex County Correctional Facility
  • Hudson County Correctional Facility
  • Monmouth County Correctional Institution
  • Otero County Processing Center
  • Buffalo Federal Correctional Facility
  • Orange County Processing Center
  • Bedford Heights City Jail
  • Butler County Correctional Complex
  • Morrow County Correctional Facility
  • Seneca County Jail
  • David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center
  • Clinton County Correctional Facility
  • Pike County Correctional Facility
  • York County Prison
  • El Paso Processing Center
  • Houston Contract Detention Facility
  • Joe Corley Detention Facility
  • Johnson County Detention Center
  • Karnes County Residential Center
  • Laredo Detention Center
  • IAH Secure Adult Detention Facility
  • Port Isabel Service Processing Center
  • Rolling Plains Correctional Facility
  • South Texas Detention Complex
  • T. Don Hutto Residential Center
  • West Texas Detention Facility
  • Utah County Jail
  • Weber County Correctional Facility
  • Farmville Detention Center
  • Tacoma Northwest Detention Center
  • Dodge Detention Facility
  • Kenosha County Detention Center
  • South Texas Family Residential Center
  • Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center
  • Pine Prairie ICE Processing Center
  • Mesa Verde Detention Facility
  • Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail
  • Frederick County Detention Center
  • Geauga County Safety Center
  • Howard County Detention Center
  • James A. Musick Facility
  • Theo Lacy Facility
  • Albany County Correctional Facility
  • Allegany County Jail
  • Chautauqua County Jail
  • Clinton County Jail
  • Berks Family Residential Center
  • Carver County Jail Services
  • Cass County Jail Services
  • St. Clair County Jail
  • Teller County Detention Center
  • El Paso County Criminal Justice Center
  • Torrance County Detention Facility
  • Wayne County Jail
  • Franklin County House of Correction
  • Strafford County House of Corrections
  • Henderson Detention Center
  • Nevada Southern Detention Center
  • Washoe County Jail
  • Burnet County Jail
  • Brooks County Detention Center
  • East Hidalgo Detention Center
  • Central Texas Detention Facility (GEO)
  • Jack Harwell Detention Center
  • Val Verde County Detention Center
  • Willacy County Regional Detention Facility
  • Karnes County Correctional Center
  • Rio Grande Detention Center
  • Imperial Regional Detention Facility
  • Otay Mesa Detention Center
  • La Salle County Regional Detention Center
  • Prairieland Detention Center (PDC)




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USA Office : (956) 541-4141

Mexico Office: (81) 3143 - 8885

Emergency: (956) 442 - 4678

Monday - Friday : 8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday: Emergency Calls Only

Sunday: Emergency Calls Only

USA Office

2320 Central Blvd

Brownsville, TX 78520

Mexico Office

Ave de la Industria 300 Oficina 13

Punto Central

San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon 66270

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Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday: Emergency Only

Sunday: Emergency Only


USA Office : (956) 541-4141

Monterrey Office: (81) 3143 - 8885

Emergency: (956) 442 - 4678

WhatsApp: (956) 442 - 4678







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